Rypien Foundation

The Foundation


The Mission of the Rypien Foundation is to provide funding for local programs on the front line fighting childhood cancer. If the foundation is able to offer hope to the families, the treatments will have a greater degree of success.

As a 501 (c)(3) organization, we raise money through two main events, our Winemakers’ Dinner and the Zak!Charity Open.

We also seek in-kind donations that contribute toward our mission.

Ultimately the Mission of the Rypien Foundation goes forward by the continued generosity of its partners. Our board demands their experience and association with our organization be the best it can be.


"The Rypien Foundation is a premier provider of hope to families with children who suffer from cancer in the Inland Northwest."

Key elements of the Vision

  • "Premier" - We endeavor to be the model of a well organized and financed charity.
  • "Provider" - We endeavor to seek opportunities that align with our vision and values.
  • "Hope" - We endeavor to bring an attitude of hope to everyone we help.


  • Community - Our community is a valuable family system and it is our responsibility to develop the network of support.
  • Integrity - Legitimacy and validation of our methods.
  • Fiscal Responsibility - Accountable for the expenditure of funds and reporting on our success of funded opportunities.
  • Service - Stewardship and giving back to our community through personal responsibility.
  • Quality - Providing a first class experience to those who are involved with the organization.
  • Focus - Increasing impact on the greater good.
  • Uniqueness - Flexible, adaptable and responsive to voids in the care today and as anticipated in the future.