Mission, Vision, Values


The priority of the Rypien Foundation is to assist families who are battling childhood cancer in the Inland Northwest. Each year we continue to raise and provide funding to support unique programs and projects that help address the needs of children with cancer and foster a powerful healing environment for child cancer patients in the Inland Northwest.

We also identify and fund quality, community-based, non-profit organizations that provide direct service and support to children and their families battling cancer. We seek to support programs that are meeting a critical need in our community by enhancing the stability, health and quality of life for children with cancer.

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, the Rypien Foundation is supported by a generous group of underwriters who provide annual cash and/or in-kind services to support operational expenses. This allows 100% of the proceeds raised through special events, corporate partnerships and individual donations to go towards programs and initiatives.

The mission of the Rypien Foundation goes forward by the continued generosity of its partners. It is our desire to maintain a true image of being a ‘premier provider' by and through all of our partner associations. We are committed and dedicated to continuing our legacy of actions and events that reflect the premier nature of the organization.


"The Rypien Foundation is a premier provider of hope to families with children who suffer from cancer in the Inland Northwest."

Key elements of the Vision

  • “Premier”—We endeavor to be the model of a well organized and financed charity.
  • “Provider”—We endeavor to seek opportunities that align with our vision and values.
  • “Hope”—We endeavor to bring an attitude of hope to everyone we help.


  • Community—Our community is a valuable family system and it is our responsibility to develop the network of support.
  • Integrity—Doing the right thing by adherence to moral and ethical principles.
  • Fiscal Responsibility—Accountable for the expenditure of funds and reporting on our success of funded opportunities.
  • Service—Stewardship and giving back to our community through personal responsibility.
  • Quality—Providing a premier experience to those who are involved with and touched by the organization.
  • Focus—Increasing our impact for the greater good.
  • Uniqueness - Flexible, adaptable and responsive to the needs in the community.