Rypien Foundation Children's Emergency Center

April 15, 2013

December 18th marked an enormous milestone for the Rypien Foundation with the opening of the Rypien Foundation Children's Emergency Center at Providence Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

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The Rypien Foundation’s Children’s Emergency Center at Providence Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

From the beginning, this facility was designed as a place where children could not only receive exceptional care, but also a little comfort and reassurance during a particularly frightening time. To make sure that we accomplished that goal, we worked with many generous donors in the community to create some unique areas of the Emergency Center specifically for kids. The Hall of Champions showcases several inspiring athletes who have overcome tremendous odds to achieve the kind of accomplishments that will give children the hope to continue to persevere. In the waiting area, there's a spectacular fresh water aquarium sponsored by Bouten Construction that will provide kids with a little wonder and tranquility, and for those kids who want even more of an escape, the waiting area will also feature the Washington Trust Bank Kid's Clubhouse where kids can play games, watch TV, relax, and even get a peek of the waterfall in the Healing Garden across the street. Between the Emergency Center and the main hospital is the Bridge of Hope, sponsored by Itron. This passageway is full of natural light and decorated with beautiful murals of trees which brings the feel of the Healing Garden into the hospital. There are so many other exciting and inspiring features of the Emergency Center - from Alexie Hoffman's artwork donated by Bob and Sandy McConkey in the Avista Serenity Room to the photos from Martine Gorrill of Studio 33 that create a touching mosaic above the main entrance - that we could write a book and not mention them all. Each and every one of these areas helps to make this emergency center a comforting and inspiring place for chil dren and their families, and each and every one of them was made possible by the generous contributions of our donors. We cannot begin to thank them enough for all that they've done to make this dream a reality. We especially want to thank those donors who have been working tirelessly for years to help support the Rypien Foundation, and we want to extend a special thank you to the Zak!Charity Open and all the people who support this amazing event. Without your help, none of this would be possible.